1%INFO: Travel diary in Piedmont

The 1% U’Wine search is never over… Quentin Chaperon, Sourcing Director, was in Italy for one week in the Piedmont region to meet new domains. Here is his travel diary! 

1st day

  • New meeting: Elio Altare. He was one of the region’s pioneers. He died in 2001 and his daughter took the head of the estate, I met her today. We have a great conversation and I tasted different wines. We need to have them for U’Wine!
  • Dinner at Rivetto, always so nice!

2nd day

  • Lunch at Cavallottowe are already working with them for 1 year. I had the opportunity to taste again the wines and it just confirmed our choice!
  • Dinner with Mr. Luca Roagna from Roagna domain: amazing wines…

3rd day

  • This morning I have a meeting with Domenico Clerico, already a member of 1% U’Wine since my last trip. It is really good! We have tasted 2016 Barolo, wonderful!
  • New meeting with La Spinetta: a very long and beautiful tasting, great wines to add to our selection soon…
  • The next one is Bruno Rocca, a jewel that produces wines with great finesse and that represents for me the perfect definition of “Rising Star”!
  • Last but not least we had lunch with Pio Cesare, already in U’Wine selection. His wines are absolutely amazing and full of surprises! A very good moment and lunch that reinforce our partnership with them.

To be continued…