The Bordeaux Châteaux with an environmentally and socially responsible company.

When you choose to mandate U’Wine to manage your Bordeaux Châteaux cellar you also choose a company known and renowned for its social and environmental responsibilities.

In July 2015 U’Wine was registered by Biom a rating agency approved by the French Government and received the certification with a rating of 68 % considered as Excellent, making of U’Wine a socially and environmentally friendly company. As Arnaud Lobes, founder of Biom, mentions : “(…) Biom is not only a rating agency, Biom, it’s also a philosophy with a real action plan allowing us to measure the impact of each certified company on its social environment. Biom values in Euro the services that the companies bring to our Society.”  

In that respect, when you give mandate to U’Wine to manage your Bordeaux Grands Crus wine cellar, you also invest in a company that gives sense to its actions because: ST EMILION VIGNES CHATEAU PAVIE MACQUIN

  • U’Wine’s action is based on the respect of the wine industry and the Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés,
  • U’Wine’s wine offers also mean being sustainable and respectful of the global environment.
  • U’Wine Grands Crus Classés offers also contribute to the EU export sales.
  • Finally, when you mandate U’Wine to manage your Bordeaux Prestigious wines cellar you also trust a company that since its creation has been involved in various actions (sporting events, charity, association).



U’Wine is proud to have received the Biom certification for 2015-2016 that gives sense to its actions and to its U’Winevest Bordeaux Grands Crus offer.