The Bordeaux 2015 En Primeur week will take place this year from April the 4th to April the 7th. Our partner, the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux, will launch at this occasion a new En Primeur week formula. This week is crucial in Bordeaux for all wine professionals as well as for people who want to invest in fine wine.

Bordeaux En Primeur 2015: 2 days dedicated to the wine merchants.


In this new En Primeur week organization, the UGCB will organize for wine merchants and importers two full tasting days at the Châteaux’. It will be the occasion for U’Wine experts to taste for the first time the Bordeaux Grands Crus they will advise our customers to invest in. Indeed, a successful wine investment starts En Primeur to optimize the return on investment.

Tasting sessions near Bordeaux football stadium.

Journalists and « marketers » will be able to taste the Bordeaux En Primeur wines around and in the premises of the new Bordeaux football stadium. The UGCB decided to split the tastings to avoid big affluences in the Châteaux. Indeed, too big affluences do not provide ideal conditions for tasting the En Primeur wines. And, one must admit that the investment in the En Primeur week is so big and this week is so crucial for Bordeaux wine makers, that this new organization was way overdue.

Invest in En Primeur wines

Cadeau haut de gamme

The 2015 vintage is looking extremely promissing in Bordeaux. That is why, an investment in Bordeaux En Primeur, seems, more than, ever a good opportunity to diversify your investment portfolios. Our experts will be very careful in their tastings to make sure the wine investment portfolios they will suggest to our customers bring a maximum return on investment.

This new formula of the Bordeaux En Primeur week organized by the UGCB will certainly offer better tasting conditions for professionals. Merchants, Journalists and all wine professionals will meet there, as every year, to make their first opinion on this new vintage. We will of course keep you informed of our own findings.