Château Canon,
the French elegance

Owned by the Wertheimer family, head of Chanel since 1996, Château Canon is one of Saint-Emilion’s beauty.


The 34-ha estate is located on the limestone plateau of St-Emilion is composed of 70% of Merlot and 30% of Cabernet-Franc. Château Canon has vineyard on its parcels since more than 500 years. The first ground layers composed of clay and limestone sparkle enable the roots grow. Seen as a mineral paradise for vineyard, these subsoils are witness of years that have shaped and sculpted Saint-Emilion subsoils.

Château Canon vineyard hides also more than 30 kms of underground interconnected galleries located 8 meters deep. Temperature is quite stable and is close from 13° throughout the year. These galleries have been used to build Saint-Emilion village and the Châteaux.



First Cru Classé B, Château Canon wine is at Chanel range: elegant, refined and timeless. The Cabernet Francs bring freshness, thinness and structure to Canon wines. They also create a nice aromatic length around empyreumatic and complex mineral notes. The Merlots offer softness, smoothness and charm. Their aromatic complexity is shown by red and black fruits perfumes. After several years, they move to spicy and undergrowth notes.


The vineyard reborn

1_CHATEAUCANON_NICOLASAUDEBERT_BDThe arrival of Nicolas Audebert at the head of the vineyard in July 2015 brings a real renewal to Château Canon. This young gifted wine-maker has proven itself in Argentina by creating Cheval des Andes, a jewel from Terrazzas de los Andes that became the greatest wine in Latin America. He acknowledges the great potential of the estate and exploits it beautifully, keeping in mind to preserve its continuity and classical aspect. After 3 years of renovation, the Château has reborn during summers and winters and organizes dinners in the dining room and barbecues in the gardens. In the vineyard he works on the parcels and brings new technics. The 2015 and 2016 vintages were celebrated by wine professionals that recognize its talents and stand these two vintages as the best one for thirty years. The 2017 vintage that just enables U’Wine to become an official supplier for Château Canon is full of promises…We look forward for the future!