Domaine de Chevalier : A secret Garden.

Wine is above all a question of passion and good feelings. Each time we drink wine, it brings back good memories. We admire and enjoy the hard work of the wine makers, who, with time, patience and talent made those incredible Grands Crus. When we talk about Domaine de Chevalier, all those emotions spring back within, for our greatest delight!

A Secret garden in the graves

Chevalier pano

“A secret garden in the graves, that’s how Olivier Bernard, current owner, describes Domaine de Chevalier. Real jewel in its box, the property is surrounded and protect by woodlands. Its reds and whites are wonderful, no matter the vintage.

Domaine de Chevalier likes being different. This difference shows at numerous levels, including in its name. When many properties chose to use the term Château, Chevalier kept the term Domaine in a reference to Domaine de Chivaley, the initial estate which, the actual property originates from.

Image à la une

A « gascon » knight.

In Gascon, Chivaley means Chevalier. The exact origin of this name remains unsure. However, we know that it is linked to an old nearby path to Santiago de Compostela. Tradition and history are never far….

Tradition, indeed, is something extremely important for the actual owner of Domaine de Chevalier, Olivier Bernard. That is why, according to Olivier Bernard, the name Domaine was kept before adding: “As for me, those three fundamental values – domaine, terroir and vineyard- cannot be separated. If we do not consider those three values together, we miss the plot…”.


Chevalier vin

Of vineyards, wines and men.

This way of thinking, of living even, can be felt everywhere in the property. When we wander in the vineyards, it’s almost as if we could grab this particular osmosis that often leads to the most wonderful Grands Crus: A soil, a plant, a climate and the patient and delicate action of men. You can feel this spirit everywhere in the 40 hectares of reds and the 5 of whites of Domaine de Chevalier.

And of course, this passion and good vibrations leads to extraordinary wines that one cannot forget. The grapefruit and vine peaches flavours of the whites or the soft tannins of the reds are synonymous of good moments and endless pleasure.

Domaine de Chevalier, is more than a wine, it’s an adventure. Its passion, passion and passion! That is why we are partners.