French wine and spirits do export well !

The Federation of French Wine and Spirits Exporters (FEVS) recently published the 2015 French wines & spirits export figures. They show that in 2015 the exports were on the rise.

Exports of French wine and spirits: Back on the rise..

After two years of continuous decline, exports of French wine and spirits are rising again. In its annual report, the FEVS highlighted the key figures for 2015. In terms of exports, this is what you need to remember:

  • € 11.7 billion in revenues (an increase of 8.7%);
  • 188 million crates exported;
  • € 10.4 billion net exports (an increase of 9.4%).


It is noteworthy that the number of crates exported in 2015 fell by 3.6%. With revenues on the rise, this figure highlights an increase in the average selling price of the crate.

Wine and spirits: 2nd net exports position of the French trade balance.

FEVS 2ème poste excédentaireFrench wine and spirits do export very well. In 2015, they ranked second in terms of net exports in the French trade balance. The only industry that did better than wines & siprits in 2015 was the aerospace sector.

According to the FEVS report, over the last 10 years, the exports of French wine and spirits were equivalent to the sales of 140 Airbus aircrafts per year.


Why do the French wine and spirits export well?

Three key factors explain why French wines and spirits exports performed well in 2015:

  • A  favorable exchange rate (€ vs US $, GBP or HK $);
  • Two very dynamic markets (84% of the growth is focused on the US and China / Hong Kong);
  • Two spearheads: Cognac and Champagne represent 77% of the growth in exports of French wines and spirits in 2015.

fevs volume


To explain why the French wine and spirits exports are so dynamic we can add to these figures some less tangible explanations :

Among which, the dynamism of the sector in France as well as the never denied prestige of French wines and spirits outside our borders.They are synonymous of the “French Know-how” and some of our wines and spirits are known as worldwide luxury brands. Moreover, if we look in further details at this report we see that our wineries and vineyards are so rich and varied that they are complementary. Indeed, they accompany consumers throughout their meal: Champagne for the appetizer, Bordeaux for the main course and then Cognac as a digestive. As a result, in 2015 the exports in values of those three wines and spirits represented 61% of the total exports of the industry:

  • Champagne accounted for 23% of exports;
  • Cognac 22%;
  • Bordeaux wines 16%.


If we focus on volume, Bordeaux remains number one. This wine region represents 12% of the total exports. Bordeaux is by far the largest in volume, only surpassed by the IGP wines (21%) which include many areas.

As we can see, the French wine and spirits exports are on the rise. Champagne, Cognac and Bordeaux are the spearheads of this sector. There is no doubt that The Bordeaux 2015 “En Primeur Week” that will take place in early April 2016 should confirm and reinforce the unique place of Bordeaux in this sector.