Interview of Quentin Chaperon on BFM Business: the rising Piedmont

The frost episode, the wine market but also beyond Bordeaux and Burgundy the wine regions that one has to bet on? Quentin Chaperon, Sourcing and Châteaux Relationships Director was interviewed Friday 9 April by Stéphane Pedrazzi on BFM Business TV.

  • The vineyards that are currently suffering from the frost will impact the harvest of the 2021 vintage, but it is still too early to accurately assess the impact on the production and price. Burgundy already has a scarcity effect which is reflected in its prices each year and the 2021 vintage should be no exception.
  • Piedmont is the region that has shown the greatest attractiveness on the wine market for several years now and U’Wine has invested in it for 2 years.
  • There are strong similarities with Burgundy from 20 years ago: small plots, numerous vintages and a terroir that guarantees a high quality in wines that are currently still sold at affordable prices.
  • According to Quentin, Piedmont’s treasures:
    – Pio Cesare, highly reputed,
    – Gulia Negri, an evolving young winemaker and
    – Enrico Rivetto, pioneer of biodynamics in the region.

Watch the whole interview below (in French only):