Invest in Wine: the 2015 Vintage

Following the week of the En-Primeur when our Comity of Experts had the chance to taste the 2015 vintage, we are able today to provide a first opinion on its investment potential.

The Special Rhythm of Pricing publication

2015 vintage prices is progressively communicated by the estates following a different rhythm according to their ranking position. 90% of Bourgeois Growth from Médoc have published their prices whereas only 20% of Classified Growth have announced it yet. The First Growth are still waiting, fine-tuning their pricing strategy.

Our analysis

From today and with these first pieces of information a price rising from 15 to 18% is observed in comparison with last year. Therefore, this rise is divided up among the estates. The comparison with the 2014 vintage seems not to be the most relevant indicator. 2015 is an excellent vintage, especially in Rive-Droite and Pessac-Léognan as already explained in previous post about the En-Primeur. The 2009 and 2010 are exceptional vintages with high price level that are better to compare with the 2015 vintage. Thus Châteaux that will communicate lower prices than 2009 vintages should be easily able to increase their value. Conversely, we have to be careful with Châteaux with higher prices than 2009.

Beyond the vintage price, U’Wine analyses systematically the past performances of the wine, its notoriety and the brands dynamism. The proper quality and potential for each wine tasted during the En-Primeur is also key in the process (impressions of our Sourcing Comity and experts grades and advices). Those criteria are applicable to the 2015 vintage, which presents by now relevant signs that make him a really good increasing value potential.


The present document is promotional. The information it contains was drawn from reliable sources. U’Wine cannot however insure its accuracy and exhaustiveness. Any forecast or expressed opinion is considered as appropriate by U’Wine at the time of publishing and may change without further notice. It is the investors’ responsibility to make sure that he can or is authorized to invest in our U’Winevest offer. The investor has to proceed, before investing, to its own financial analysis and/or speak to its financial advisor. U’Wine cannot be held responsible for any financial consequences that my result from investing in U’Winevest. The U’Winevest information note and subscription information is available upon simple request. Drinking alcohol can damage your health, drink in moderation.