Luxury wine tourism

Wine tourism is booming, wine tours and tastings sessions in the property cellars are increasing, as the offer on the matter. However, if you want to live an unforgettable experience, opt for luxury wine tourism.

cave-portfolioThere are nowadays a significant number of offers around wine tourism. Themes have even bee, developed allowing everyone to visit the wine properties in accordance with their aspirations or belief: organic farming, rational, traditional, biodynamics etc.

Nevertheless, one must admit that if the French wines in general and some Bordeaux and Burgundy Châteaux in particular benefit from such a positive image overseas it is mainly due to the prestigious Grands Crus present in the cellars of all the great palaces, restaurants and other high-end bars or lounges. And of course, this is these very prestigious Grands Crus of Burgundy and Bordeaux that some wine tourists wish to visit and taste.

That’s what some companies offer with what they call “prestigious wine tourism”. Everything is taken care of:  Accommodation in a prestigious hotel, in a luxurious private property surrounded by vineyards or sometimes in the Châteaux themselves. In this offer, a private guided tour in the vineyard, the winery and the wine cellars of the most prestigious Châteaux such as Bordeaux 1st Grands Crus Classés  is planned. Those prestigious wine tours are always concluded by a tasting session on site. These “prestigious wine tourism” offers are often made to measure and it is not rare that they carry on until the evening to be pursued by a luxurious dinner in one of the visited Châteaux. It is also the occasions for the visitors to exchange with the owners and also to acquire some of those Grands Crus Classés in gift format wooden crates to take home and share with friends and family.

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