Meet Pierre Rostaing,
wine-maker from Côte Rôtie

U’Winer Quentin Chaperon met Pierre Rostaing, owner of Domaine Rostaing in Côte-Rôtie, who tells us about 2018 vintage.

CuveesVins800“We have started the harvest quite late, season had took its time. We avoided frost like 2017, where we were close from disaster with late frosts.

What is significant is the vegetation explosion in May. We had high temperatures in the morning and after-noon during 15 days, it was the rush in the vineyard. We were just disbudding, we though we had to harvest in the same time. Vegetation has really exploded ! We should be on time to be close to each parcel that were evolving very fast.

Then we had in the same time good temperatures and also a lot of water, that is why 2018 has been marked by a rather high mildew pressure. It was indeed the same situation for the whole Côte-Rôtie.

Then the weather kept beeing hot and dry from June. A year that finally was quite fast with searing temperatures starting from July, such as 30-35°. We have started harvest with 1 or 2 weeks late. Then we had a vintage like 2015 with harvest at the very beginning of September.

PROVISOIREWe harvest Condrieu on September 3rd and the Côte-Rôtie on September 4th. We have a very concentrated vintage with a lot of polyphénol and a weak but correct acidity. Sanitary conditions of the vineyard are quite perfect, no sorting in the vineyard or in the cellar. Therefore, a vintage that looks like 2015 with a great maturating and ageing potential.

We had to start very early in the morning and be quick to collect everything as temperatures could easily reach 30°. The maturity went very fast. With 2° or 3° difference we could get from 13° to 14,5° , the harvest had to be effective and finish early.

In one word: complicated, fiery in its beginning and same as 2015 in the end. It is more than one word, but in one word, vintage.”