One-to-One #1 with the Selection Committee:

Aymeric de Clouet, member of the Selection U’Wine, tells us about its relationship with wine, its engagement with U’Wine and how he selects the Grands Crus.

red wineHow would you define your relationship with the wine?

For me, wine is an heritage. Since 5 generations, we are passionate about terroir wines, about tradition, it is a familial atavism, a transmission and loyalty. The passion of some novice is surprising me sometimes, so as the assurance of a few little informed specialists and critics. The only thing I am sure of is that wine is the humility school!

Why did you choose to work with U’Wine? 

In an environment where the wine becomes a speculation matter, with the trends that has followed, the U’Wine project presented two main advantages: the customers own their wine bottles, whatever happens to the company and the project integrates also an education and the possibility to improve in the wine knowledge and in the area. It is the alliance between passion and ingeniousness.

How do you select the U’Wine Grands Crus?

Every year, we explore the Bordeaux vineyard with Quentin and depending on the notes that we assign, we are looking at the best value for money and the best improvement potentials. Sometime a great wine can be speculative, and a grand name that have an average quality can have a nice financial potential. We are now targeting the rest of the world and there are very nice things to get!

03-Plaisir---Performance---ProtectionWhat is for you the best vintage?

Easy question: for the 20e century, 1961 obviously. Because the great wines are huge, the small wines are still excellent for most of them. I am talking about Bordeaux of course. But 1928, 1947, 1959 are not far behind. A great wine, it’s a long-term wine, it is also valid for the vintage.

How would you define the 2018 vintage?

Some vintages are named as “winemaker vintages”, for me 2018 is the taster vintage: you can find what you want, whatever the wine you are looking for, at any level price. The success is not only about terroir, but mainly about cepage, work, winemaking decisions… We had to test a lot to find the best selection, finally there is really good deals and great success. But this is a year where you will have to choose…