Château d’Issan

Château d'Issan


Legend says that this wine was served on the 11th of May 1152 during the wedding of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry Plantagenet, Future king of England. In the nineteenth century the wine of Château d’Issan is served at the court of Emperor Franz Joseph in Vienna justifying the motto of Château d’ Issan: Regium mensis aris that deorum (“For the table of kings and the altar of the Gods”). The Château is acquired by the Blanchy family in 1859. Property of the Cruse family since its purchase in 1945 by Emmanuel Cruse, the millionaire Jacky Lorenzetti becomes co-owner in 2013. The son of Lionel Cruse, Emmanuel Cruse, meanwhile retains 50% of the capital, as well as the position of director of Château d’Issan. He was also appointed director of the two other properties of Jacky Lorenzetti that he was already following as a consultant.
The Chateau d’Issan produces wines that, while maintaining the particular exquisite bouquet of the Margaux region, have much in common with the great wines of Pauillac (, flesh and color).

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