Château Haut-Brion

Château Haut-Brion

The Haut-Brion property was created in 1525 by Jean de Pontac. Haut Brion is the only Château producing red wine (outside Médoc) to have been awarded the famous classification of 1855. The cultivation of vines in Haut-Brion (then part of Burdigala) dates back to the first century of our era and was established by a Celtic tribe from the north of Gaul, the Bituriges Vivisques. This culture seems to encounter lasting success as place names and analysis of medieval manuscripts reveal that from ancient times, men had ever valued the gravelly soil of Haut-Brion to produce wine.

A century after the classification of Grands Crus Classés in 1855, Chateau Haut Brion is also part of the Graves classification established following similar criteria. An official decree drew up an initial list in 1953. It was revised and completed in 1959.Haut Brion is the only Bordeaux wine to be ranked twice.
In the XXth century, the philosophy of the Dillon family was to reinvest all profits in the company and the only directive given to the managers was to produce the best quality wines.

In 1983, the family company represented by the Duchess of Mouchy bought Château La Mission Haut-Brion and the Duchess’s son, Prince Robert of Luxemburg, then aged 15, attended the signing of the deed of sale.

Appointed director of Domaine Clarence Dillon when he turned 18, Prince Robert of Luxemburg started to be highly involved in the family company from 1993 and, in 1997, at the request of his mother and his grandfather, he joined the management full-time. He was appointed president in August 2008


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