Château Lafon-Rochet

Château Lafon-Rochet

This estate can trace its history back to the latter 16th century.
For over two hundred years, it belonged to the Lafon family, who managed to keep hold of it through the turmoil of the French Revolution. They also lived to see its ultimate recognition in the 1855 classification, when Lafon-Rochet was admitted to the very select club of the Grands Crus Classés, one of only five in Saint-Estèphe.
Ideally situated, between Cos d’Estournel and Lafite-Rothschild to the south, Lafon-Rochet features some of the finest vineyard lands in the world. It is not hard to see why Guy Tesseron, well-known for the quality of his old Cognac, became interested in acquiring the estate over forty years ago.
He soon came to the conclusion that the existing buildings were not worth keeping. He thus completely demolished them, going on to build a new cellar as well as a château based on the plans of a 17th century chartreuse, or manor house, that is unique in Bordeaux.
Thanks to unceasing care and attention, Lafon-Rochet is one of the finest wines in Saint-Estèphe, France, and the whole world.

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Basile Tesseron, Owner and Manager

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