Domaine de Chevalier

Domaine de Chevalier

The 45 hectares that make up the Domaine de Chevalier are located in Léognan, capital of the Graves subregion. The origins of the estate are very old, since it was called “Chivaley” in 1783, which means “Chevalier” in Gascon. The concept of estate has always been retained by the different owners, who have never wanted to abandon it for the benefit of the appellation “Château”, which is prevalent in Bordeaux.

Today, the Bernard family is the owner of the estate and passes down traditions while seeking perfection for this excellent cru. The Domaine de Chevalier Rouge, which comprises 37 hectares, belongs to the elite of the Great Wines of Bordeaux, even without being part of a classification per se. As to the Domaine de Chevalier Blanc, it is recognized as one of the greatest dry white wines in the world.

What they appreciate in U'Wine

Before being a producer, I am primarily a wine lover.
I like wine. I own a big cellar today because I started building it 35 years ago. Wine is a question of passion, a passion that generally gets hold of you when you are still young.However, filling your personal cellar with the right bottles is a complicated matter. U’Wine advises and accompanies you with your choices and they do all the work for you. Now, to me, that’s a real and seriously delivered service.
What I like with U’Wine is also that they are a “first hand buyer”. No intermediaries. They buy directly from the Châteaux and sell directly to individuals, often even final consumers; this is the true subject of distribution, selling to the final consumer….
And if, in addition to that, this whole process is undergone with endless enthusiasm, passion and respect for the Bordeaux Grands Crus, then I can only be fond of it!


Olivier Bernard, Owner and Manager

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