San Leonardo

San Leonardo

The history of Tenuta San Leonardo is based on a centuries-old tradition. In 1894, Marquis Tullo Guerrieri Gonzaga married Gemma de Gresti, whose family owned the San Leonardo estate for two centuries. The Guerrieri Gonzagua thus settled in the region of Trentino, Italy, a wine region nestled between Valpolicella, to the south, and Alto-Adige, to the north. In 1970, Tullo’s grandson, Carlo Guerrieri Gonzagua, took over the estate, continuing the family wine adventure.

With a 25 hectare vineyard cultivated organically since 2015 the identity of Tenuta San Leonard is strong. It was built around the elegance of Carmenere, a rustic grape variety that has always been present in the land of Tenuta San Leonardo. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot also complement the property’s wines and are blended to produce one of Tenuta San Leonardo’s main red wines: San Leonardo.

The help provided by two Italian oenologists, Giacomo Tachis, former collaborator of Professor Émile Peynaud, and Carlo Ferrini, one of the most famous Italian winemaker consultants, allowed the style and personality of Tenuta San Leonardo wines to be affirmed. They accurately express the influence of their unique terroir. Very fresh in their youth, Tenuta San Leonardo wines evolve into a more full-bodied and opulent style over the years. Today they are considered to be great classics of Trentino wines.

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