The 2017 vintage:
U’Wine first review

A week after the Primeurs, U’Wine is able to issue a first appreciation of the 2017 vintage, a hapless vintage but still very promising …

2017 had started well: a mild spring … until these two nights of April. Severe frost has destroyed much of the Bordeaux vineyards, especially on the Right Bank. The frost has led to a 40 to 50% decrease in harvest compared to the 2016 vintage, which represents a lack of 375 million bottles, a record number since 1991. Owners had to adapt and rework their vineyard to save as much as possible this so upset 2017 vintage. The late season, however, brought together all the conditions necessary for a qualitative vintage. Harvests at several speeds linked to maturity differences have enable to select the best grapes and ensure a maximum level of quality. 2017 will impress by its rarity … but also by its quality.


“The best final in 7 since 1947! “

… dixit Edouard Miailhe, owner of Château Siran. Despite all the obstacles encountered in its development, it seems that the 2017 vintage has managed to emerge from the game and seduce all the palates of the experts. As a whole, it is indeed a pretty successful vintage with very beautiful wines. The quality is quite surprising overall, despite difficult weather conditions. The terroirs at the water’s edge were more lucky facing the freeze than those located on the edge of the forest. Despite a certain heterogeneity, the whole remains very good.

U’Wine Review

  • Red wines: they have less background and structure than the 2015 and 2016 vintages, but they express a lot of charm and finesse. They are distinguished by the refinement of their tannins, floral delicacy and a radiant fruit.Goutte de vin
    • On the Left Bank, the 2017 vintage develops a delicate and fine material with a concentrated finish that gives length and hold. We A capricious weathenote a real success in the North of the Médoc, especially on the appellations Saint-Estèphe, Pauillac or Saint-Julien.
    • On the Right Bank, the Merlot, early this year, gave to the vintage a pleasant constitution, displaying a good level of concentration while maintaining a fair balance. The Saint-Emilion vineyard was very affected by frost, which was radical for certain properties such as Château Dassault: no production in 2017. The Grands Crus located on the limestone plateau of Saint-Emilion were spared and have produced magnificent wines like Clos Fourtet. The plateau of Pomerol is not no remainder, with beautiful things such as Château La Conseillante.
  • White wines: a fairly classic year, with fresh aromas despite low volumes. The cool nights have preserved aromas of white fruits and citrus fruits.
  • Sweet wines: a very satisfactory vintage in quality. The wines are distinguished by a gourmet profile and a pure fruit, well complemented by a successful botrytis.

U’Wine will be very attentive to the release of the prices by the Châteaux. This vintage having a high scarcity, the effect may be felt on prices. We will be particularly vigilant in our choices, to ensure a balance between Grands Crus and deliver optimized recovery research. In general, the 2017 vintage managed to play its part, by its difficult conditions, its scarcity and its surprising quality. It proves again that everything is possible in Bordeaux!


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