U’Wine : A start-up that makes the wine world change.

“Five start-ups that make the wine world change !” is the title of an article published by the French website Widoobiz on November the 20th during the Beaujolais Nouveau day.

Even if the En Primeur wines that U’Wine offers have nothing to do with the “Primeurs” wines such as Beaujolais Nouveau, Widoobiz chose the Beaujolais Nouveau day to publish its post “five start-ups that make the wine world change”. U’Wine is one of those start-ups.

A passion for Grands Crus wines


Lafon RochetThe five start-ups that have been chosen by Widoobiz, all have one point in common : Their passion for Grands Crus wines. Indeed, ICave, D-Vine, Fruition Science and, of course, U’Wine, have all developed their offers around one passion : Grands Crus wines.

Become the owner of Grands Crus with U’Wine


The part of the article dedicated to U’Wine starts with this question, typical of the U’Wine philosophy, : “What wine amateur has never dreamt of becoming the owner of Grands Crus wines?”.

Indeed, the U’Winevest offer gives the possibility to wine amateurs as well as epicureans to build their own private Bordeaux Grands Crus wine cellar, bought En Primeur. Doing so, U’Wine’s customers benefit from the U’Wine expertise as well as from our close relationship with the Bordeaux Châteaux.

The presence of U’Wine in the Widoobiz list of the five start-ups that make the wine world change is yet another proof of the dynamism of our company !

To read the full article (in French) published by Widoobiz, please click here.