U’Wine is in the Russian press
with Gazeta

The bi-annual newsletter Gazeta has dedicated an article about U’Wine with a long interview of Thomas Hébrard, his founder. The magazine is dedicated to the Russian people living in the Riveria, between Nice, Cannes and Monaco.

ID-Thomas HEBRARDThrough a serie of questions, the journalist asks Thomas Hébrard about wine investment, the natural valuation process of the Grands Crus and the key-infos to remind when one is interested by the wine investment. Thomas detailed the wine characteristics: ”A limited production: Châteaux cannot produce more bottles than allowed by the PDO, their vineyards are not expandable (terroir effect) and each vintage is a new venture (weather conditions). The demand for certain Grands Crus is therefore naturally higher than supply. A scarcity that is growing with time :  As wine is being consumed it becomes increasingly rare. Wine improves with time : Wine is one of the few products that gain in quality with age (until it reaches its consumption peak). This increase in quality often means an increase in value. A luxury product , that, considering the above-mentioned points, makes high transaction prices acceptable and responds to a strong international demand.”

The founder of U’Wine explains also how to create a balanced cellar: ” It has donc contain: different vintages, different Châteaux and appellations (Bordeaux, Bourgogne or other world regions). A wine cellar should Oslo respect a balance between must-have (great brands and First Crus) and rising stars (more risky but more performing) and intermediary references. This right mix reflects a balance between liquidity, risks and performance”. 



It is far easier to respect the criteria by referring to a company in charge of the Grands Crus selection, management ans storage. Indeed a beginner cannot easily access the markets, ensure the bottles origin and reach a reselling market. “U’Wine is a Bordeaux Wine Merchant that designs, manages and optimizes the cellar of worldwide individuals, by giving them access to 1% of the finest wines from the greatest terroirs.”

Finally, Thomas explains that there is something to create on the wine market: “It is still on traditionnel schemes for years: cellar master, hotels and restaurants. We think as U’Wine that this channel can be disrupted and can evolve, that is what we intend to do with the Retail offer.  Indeed as a négociant  we are offering to our customers to storage their wines they just bought by U’Wine, to deliver them when they want and enjoy the tasting at the best moment. Through an App, digital and experience, you can invent a new model of wine distribution that seems to be more adapted to the current consumer expectations.”

28. Gazeta_Mai 2019