U’Wine is in the Spanish press!

Fuera de Serie, the week-end extra edition of El Mondo and l’Expansion dedicated an article about U’Wine and its App on its November 10th edition. 

The big daily news El Mondo and l’Expansion are two major newspapers, with 60 000 and 116 000 units distributed each day. The week-end extra news Fuera de Série / Edition Spéciale is focusing on lifestyle, luxury and culture topics. This edition has chose U’Wine for a very nice article,  that detailed Thomas Hébrard story and explaining U’Wine offers. The U’Wine App is also in the spotlights displaying the Cellar Management Tool features offered to each U’Wine Customer. The journalist Abraham de Amézaga who cames to Bordeaux for a special U’Wine Tour has met the team and Thomas to understand the concept and the company.

It is the first exposure for U’Wine in the Spanish press. U’Wine kindly thanks Abraham for having so well presented U’Wine t the Spanish readers.

2018-11 - Parution U'Wine - Supplément El Mondo et Expansion