U’Wine X La Sartoriale:
the 1% best wines in your
tailor-made wine cellar!

U’Wine has launched a new partnership with La Sartoriale, the wine cellar tailor for worldwide wine lovers. What a better way than a unique furniture to preserve your Grands Crus from U’Wine?

The prestige wine cellar expert

With customers all around the world, La Sartoriale creates and designs fully equipped wine cabinets. The team based in Brussels accompanies customer in each steps of his project: meeting to define the tailored wine cellar project, advice and plan execution, production and manufacturing of the wine-cellar in their studio, delivery and final installation.

Each project contains high-end tools to preserve carefully wines and enrich the experience:

  • A sophisticated cooling system
  • A virtual sommelier
  • A control system for temperature and hygrometry

Beyond tailor-made projects La Sartoriale has created 3 collections:

  • Dolia, a Wine Cabinet that can fit into a living room or a restaurant
  • Domus, a Wine Space fully equipped with an integrated system of air-conditioning
  • Signature, unique projects for exceptional locations created for hotels and private customers in a pure luxury style

Among their references, we can name: New-York New-York restaurant in Cannes, Domaine de Manville 5* in Baux-de-Provence, 2* Michelin Océan restaurant from Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa in Portugal or Chinese ambassade in Paris.

The perfect match between inside and outside!

U'Wine_Bouteille de Grand Cru-BD

Sharing the same DNA and complementary activity, U’Wine and La Sartoriale have launched a partnership in 2020. The unique know-how and tailor expertise from Sartoriale teams to create a wine cellar fit perfectly with U’Wine expertise to select and choose the 1% best wines, find the new gems and provide a service in terms of personalized advice.

Whatever objectives are U’Wine and Sartoriale teams join their skills:

  • Create from A to Z a tailor-made wine cellar with a wine selection made by U’Wine
  • Create a wine cabinet supplied by a personal selection of wines delivered by U’Wine on a regular basis
  • Update an existing wine-cellar by providing technical improvements and complete an existing wine collection with wines picked up by U’Wine

Depending on the situation the 2 teams are able to personalize the proposals and adapt them to the wine preferences of each person.

Looking to learn more and create your own customized cellar? Contact us to discuss your own project.