What is a Bordeaux Primeur wine?

In Bordeaux, where the Primeur system was created, the term “primeur” is the short version of “vin vendu en primeur”  . That is to say, a wine which is sold before being bottled while still being raised in wooden barrels at the Château.

One must not mix up the Bordeaux Primeur wines with a “vin primeur”, such as Beaujolais nouveau, which is a wine that is already bottled, sold very young and that needs to be drunk within a few months after the crop.

The Bordeaux Primeur system was created almost two centuries ago and has been proven successful ever since.

Chateau Latour

The sale of “Bordeaux Primeur” wines is reserved to professionals such as Châteaux, merchants or brokers  (mostly coming from the Bordeaux market place). Traditionally, the Bordeaux Primeur week takes place  in  April (So in April 2015 were sold the Bordeaux Primeur vintage 2014) and gathers almost 400 châteaux,  5,000 wine merchants as well as importers, experts and journalists coming from all over the world to taste  the wines of the new vintage. At the end of the Bordeaux Primeur week the referenced prices of the new  vintage are published.

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