What is a wine broker?

The job of wine broker is not often clear in people’s mind. One of the reasons is that they act at early stages in the distribution channel. Indeed, they use their experience and competences to put in relation wine makers and merchants or importers.


Wine broker:  A fair trade.

According to the Bordeaux wine Broker Association (Syndicat régional des courtiers de Vins et Spiritueux de Bordeaux) the wine broker: « (…) gives his expert and fair opinion on the harvests and wine qualities as well as on the trends of the market”. He is therefore a wine expert who, thanks to his know-how, can put in relation a wine and a market. In other words, the wine broker will put in relation a wine maker and a merchant or an importer taking in consideration the needs of both parties.


Image : http://www.vins-bordeaux-courtiers.com/

Image : http://www.vins-bordeaux-courtiers.com/

 Wine Broker the missing link

The wine broker is a key player in the wine distribution channel. His role, according to the French National Federation of wine brokers (Fédération Nationale des Syndicats de Courtiers en Vins et Spiritueux) is as follows:

  • Put each party in relation to the best of their interest ;
  • Advise in a fair manner both parties ;
  • Try to conciliate both parties in case of disagreement

This expert has a deep knowledge of the wine industry, the wine makers and the merchants. He knows how to combine both parties to their best interest as well as for the best interest of consumers.

The wine broker role is that important that in Bordeaux, they cover over 75% of the annual wine transactions of the place! (Source: Bordeaux Wine Brokers association). The main brokers were initially located in the countryside, close to the wine producers. However, nowadays, they are often located at the heart of the cities. This is the case of our partners Tastet & Lawton and Oenomedia.

This figure shows the importance and the credibility of wine brokers. It is also a proof of the trust that the wine players have in this key job. The wine maker, in his daily work, tries to find the subtle equilibrium between the art of wine and human relationship, in order to, at the end of the day, offer to end users the highest quality wines.