When we love wine we respect it

If we at U’Wine we are so much involve in the Bordeaux wine ecosystem and its Grands Crus, classified or not, it is because we are, before anything, passionate about wine. We love wine and we respect it.

“When we love wine we respect it.” This phrase echoes in us every day, it gives meaning to our actions as it applies as a leitmotiv in all our daily actions.

Respect and sense.

Respect of the wine industry in which we operate by creating a durable and strong relationship with the Châteaux that produce the Bordeaux Grands Crus. Respect of our customers by providing us with thigh quality services (cellar management, porterage of stock, Châteaux tour, tasting sessions etc.)

BIOM attitudeSense to our action by being a responsible actor capable of measuring its economic and societal impact. That is why we used the Biom agency recognized by the French prime minister office to measure our impact on our ecosystem. With a rating “Excellent” and 68% of money spent by our customers reinjected in the local economy U’Wine contributes to building a sustainable future.

Respect wine and give meaning to our actions, more than a quote, is a philosophy.

© photo UGCB