Wine investment: Intermediary in miscellaneous goods (IMD).

What is an Intermediary in miscellaneous goods and why should I mandate one for my wine investment?

In France, the activity of Intermediary in miscellaneous goods is regulated by the “Autorité des Marché Financiers (AMF)”, The French Market Authority which, when we talk about investment and especially wine investment is a guarantee of security.

The AMF regulation can occur à Priori or à Posteriori. As far as a wine investment is concerned, the AMF regulation is done a priori, because as per the French Law text a wine investment handled by an Intermediary in miscellaneous goods includes one (and fact all) of the three following points:

  • Offer directly or indirectly via advertising or commercial actions to third parties to acquire movable goods that they will manage on their behalf with the objective of reselling them to get added value.
  • Collect funds for that purpose.
  • Managed the goods on behalf of the third party.

(Source : AMF )


In that respect, and before any advertising or commercial  action, the Intermediary in miscellaneous goods needs to file  their actions with the French Market Authority that will  validate or invalidate them. This is, once again, an extra  security for any investor wishing to go for a wine investment  since the AMF, though the Intermediary in miscellaneous  goods process will regulate the activity.

That is why, when it comes to wine investment, we  recommend doing it via an Intermediary in miscellaneous  goods. U’Wine and its U’Winevest offer was the first one to be  registered on August, the 26th 2014.