Saint-Estephe: The Perfect Blend Between Terroir and Time

Enter the secret universe of this Medoc terroir that presents true richness and which compares with its famous neighbors Saint Julien and Pauillac.

Key Figures

Located at the extreme point of the Medoc, the Saint-Estephe appellation is the northernmost area from Bordeaux vineyard. First vines are from the Roman Age and people have always been attached to this great quality vineyard. It became famous on the 19th century when Bordeaux traders started to distribute Saint Estephe wines. It was registered like an A.O.C in 1936 and represents 1 214 hectares of wines and 7% of the Medoc vineyard. 8.7 million bottles are produced each year for 136 wine growers, within 56 independents. (Source: les vins du Médoc).

A Precious And Rich Soil

More than anywhere else in the Medoc area, the Saint-Estephe wine quality is the result from generous soil added with qualified men skills. Its sub-soil has large variety of elements that provide to the wine a real personality with numerous shades. Mostly composed of clay and limestone, Saint-Estephe soil produces dark red wine with strong tannins. It then became rounder and softer, with delicates aromatic notes as time goes by, since it has an excellent ageing potential. The blending is mostly made from Cabernet-Sauvignon and this for the majority of the estates – even if some Châteaux choose to add merlot to provide more fruit notes. Cabernet Franc and Petit-Verdot are also used but in smaller quantities to complete the blending.

A Beautiful Range of Classified Growth

The Saint-Estephe appellation is really well balanced between the different universes of its Growth. There are 5 famous Classified Growth: Château Cos d’Estournel, Château Montrose, Château Calon-Ségur, Château Lafon-Rochet and Château Cos-Labory. It also has 22 Bourgeois Growth.



Château Lafon-Rochet, 4th Classified Growth