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November 30th

U’Wine Night in Automobile Club de France – Paris

January 16th & 17th

U’Wine Tour: visit and tasting of Grands Crus Classés – Bordeaux

The U'Wine News

Next Events

November 30th

U’Wine Night in Automobile Club de France – Paris

January 16th & 17th

U’Wine Tour: visit and tasting of Grands Crus Classés – Bordeaux


U’Wine is a Bordeaux wine merchant founded in 2010 serving private individuals ( High Net Worth Individuals ) and specialized in Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés presented in small and prestigious  gift cases (luxurious wooden crates) :  3 bottle genuine wooden crates , magnums , double magnums , Jeroboam , customized bottles etc.

Our origin

U’Wine was founded in Bordeaux (France) in 2010 by the Hébrard family, previous owners of Château Cheval Blanc, Saint-Emilion Premier Grand Cru Classé « A ». The Hébrard family owns and manages today, vineyards in Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, and Lebanon. The company is now managed by Thomas Hébrard, who is continuing a long wine-making tradition running in his family since 1832.

Thomas is a wine lover whose creativity and entrepreneurship abilities combined to strong business and human values boosted U’ Wine development to turn the company in as little as 5 years into the reference in term of purchasing Bordeaux Grands Crus en Primeur directly from the Châteaux.

Thomas and his team select with extreme care the “en Primeur” wines and their related Châteaux. In that respect, each wine and each Château has a story to tell, making of U’Wine a company that, beyond business, is also transmitting a global heritage.

Our assets

  • Our origins and physical presence in Bordeaux.
  • Our partnership with the best Châteaux Grands Crus Classés.
  • Our Wine Experts Sourcing and Purchasing Committee.
  • Our U’Wine Club and Prestigious Wine Tasting Events.
  • Our very high end services and proximity with our Customers.
  • Our unique and exceptional gift format wooden cases.
  • Our Internet presence.

Our missions

Share with our worldwide customers our exclusive access to the en-primeur Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés and manage their portfolios accordingly i.e: sourcing, purchasing, storage, asset monitoring, resale and delivery in the best respect of our values : Pleasure – Performance – Protection.
Be recognized as the Bordeaux wine merchant specialized in small and prestigious gift cases of En Primeur Grands Crus directly bought from the Châteaux.

Our guarantees

  • U’Wine certifies the full traceability of the crates from the Châteaux to the final recipient.
  • Respect of the Bordeaux market place players and rules (brokers, Châteaux traders etc.).
  • All our customers’ wines are disinvested through the professional distribution channel.
  • Loyalty to the Châteaux as far as En primeurs purchase is concerned.
  • The U’Winevest offer is registered since August 26, 2014 by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), French Market Regulation Authority.

Our Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés

  • Château d’Issan

    Grand Cru Classé

  • Château Canon-La-Gaffelière

    Grand Cru Classé

  • Château Cheval Blanc

    Premier Cru Classé

  • Château Picque Caillou

    Grand Cru Classé

They talk about us ...

  • Before being a producer, I am primarily a wine lover. I like wine. I own a big cellar today because I started building it 35 years ago. Wine is a question of passion, a passion that generally gets hold of you when you are still young. However, filling your personal cellar with the right bottles is a complicated matter. U'Wine advises and accompanies you with your choices and they do all the work for you. Now, to me, that's a real and seriously delivered service. What I like with U’Wine is also that they are a “first hand buyer”. No intermediaries. They buy directly from the Châteaux and sell directly to individuals, often even final consumers; this is the true subject of distribution, selling to the final consumer…. And if, in addition to that, this whole process is undergone with endless enthusiasm, passion and respect for the Bordeaux Grands Crus, then I can only be fond of it!

    Olivier Bernard, Owner and Manager, Domaine de Chevalier

  • U'Wine is a company that was created 5 years ago. I was approached very recently and I must confess that the project is relatively attractive given the approach of this company. They buy wines En primeur and they do a real and serious merchant work. The wines are held and stored to then offer to individual customers rare and luxurious formats such as Magnum, Double Magnum, and Jeroboam, etc. packed in luxurious small wooden crates. This offer is hand-stitched, made-to- measure. The approach here is quite interesting and sometimes differs from most merchants with whom we can work.

    Matthieu Bordes, General Manager Château Lagrange

  • What attracted me in U'Wine is the sympathy of its creators. The concept itself is quite innovative. Those are people who are like me ie "when wearing a belt donot hesitate to add straps to be sure that your pants do not fall." And in the current situation, particularly in the context of the Great Wines of Bordeaux, it is very reassuring.

    Basile Tesseron, Owner and Manager Château Lafon Rochet

  • What attracted me in U'Wine is their expertise, youth, perseverance and dynamism. I think the wine industry needs such initiatives. We need young people who want to get involve in the wine trade and who come with iconoclastic and innovative ideas that renew the way we market wines.

    Véronique Dausse, General Manager Château Phélan-Ségur

  • I was seduced by the U’Wine project because of their Bordeaux origins and also because they are wine lovers and responsible. The U’Wine mandate gives me the possibility to support them in their development via the porterage of stock. U’wine also is an extremely serious service provider who entirely manages my cellar and allows me to drink my wines at their consumption peak.

    Florent F., 31.

  • I was convinced by the original but yet very professional and serious U’Wine Bordeaux Grands Crus offers. I appreciate very much their global level of service, above all their wine cellar management offer as well as the visits to the Châteaux and the Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés tastings.

    Aurélie P., 39.

  • Wine lover and amateur, I have recently given mandate to U'Wine to manage my remote cellar. They keep the wines in the best conditions in their dedicated premises and remind me of when some of my wines need to be drank or sold...Their advices and suggestions are of great support to me

    Christian D., 61.

U'Wine in the media


  • An exclusive offer, a high-end gift: Original Wooden Cases in prestigious format : 3 bottles, Magnum, Impérial, etc.
  • A guarantee against fraud; the bottles are on hand at the Châteaux, the cases are never open.
  • A crate format which rarity adds to the value of the wines.
  • Better conservation of the wines.
  • 3 bottles

    3 bottles

    Wooden Cases

  • Guarantee against fraud

    Guarantee against fraud

    Wooden Cases

  • High-end gift

    High-end gift

    Wooden Cases

  • Magnum, Impérial

    Magnum, Impérial

    Wooden Cases


Become the owner of Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés


The U’Wine Club is dedicated and reserved to our customers and partners.

Our services :

  • Access to Grands Crus portfolios, information, U’Wine news and all exclusive contents through U’Wine iPhone/iPad application.
  • Access to exclusive professional purchasing prices.
  • Customized cellar management.
  • Hotline (7/7 opportunity to exchange with experts from U’Wine).
  • Exclusive Tours and tastings in the most prestigious Châteaux of Bordeaux.
  • Invitation to attend the U’Wine Events, prestigious evenings – tasting in the most beautiful places of Bordeaux, Paris and Geneva.


Assuming that any purchaser must have the possibility to disinvest a part of their cellar, U’Wine created U’Winevest the first investment offer that provides efficiency, safety and pleasure. U’Winevest is the first mandate offer approved by the AMF (French market regulation authority).


Because of its nature, the U’Winevest offer fully secures ownership of the customers’ assets; U’Wine the company that manages The U’Winevest offer, has no right or title on their customers’ bottles.

Learn more about U'Winevest

Storage and Large Export

  • Bonded storage in Bordeaux (Dartess) or Geneva (CHF Ports) in the best conditions of conservation , insurance and security.
  • A tax suspension storage enabling our customers to benefit from a VAT exemption on the disinvested bottles.
  • Possibility to visit the warehouses at any time.
  • Collaboration with partners / importers from all over the world to distribute and deliver wines wherever you desire: Switzerland, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia , US , etc.

The operations team

The Operations Team ensures the ongoing management of U'Wine. The Operations Team is today composed of 6 members, including:

Sourcing Committee

The Sourcing Committee makes recommendations on the wine selections and purchases, and monitors portfolios performances. This committee is now composed of the following members.
  • Original wooden case


  • Moment of pleasure




  • For you, private individuals

    On measure

  • Grand Crus




  • Storage


  • Values and lores


Contact us

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us using the form below.


13 allée de Chartres 33000 BORDEAUX


+33 (0)5 35 54 61 39