Bordeaux Primeurs : St Emilion & Pomerol.

The second day of the Bordeaux Primeurs tastings took us across the river Garonne to land on the right bank, as we say in Bordeaux. This was a great opportunity for our experts to discover the 2015 wines of Pomerol and Saint-Emilion.

After a first day spent in the Médoc, it is in the St Emilion’s jurisdiction, listed in the UNESCO world heritage that began, for the experts of U’ Wine, the tastings of the Bordeaux Primeurs right bank wines.

St Emilion Grand Cru : Château La Couspaude


The morning of this second Bordeaux Primeurs day was quite misty. A light foggy veil partially hid the magnificent medieval village of Saint-Emilion. Somewhat, it was not a bad thing as our experts were not there as tourists… They were expected in Château La Couspaude, St Emilion’s Grand Cru Classé, where the UGCB organised the tastings of the St Emilion 2015 Primeurs wines.

Many experts said, before the Bordeaux Primeurs started, that this vintage was going to be a great one. And it seems to us that indeed, it will be the case for Saint-Emilion. The quality of the wines was very homogeneous and the potential that some of them showed seems very interesting. A future article will go back in the details on our experts’ conclusions on that subject.



Pomerol : Château Beauregard


Last year, it was Château Petit-Village that hosted the Bordeaux Primeurs in Pomerol. This year, it was its closed neighbour’s turn, Château Beauregard. The sun was timidly back and emphasized the sober and classic architecture of Beauregard. Once again, like in St Emilion, the homogeneity of the quality of wines is to be highlighted. Even if only 9 Pomerol wines were available to be tasted: Beauregard, Le Bon Pasteur, Cabanne, Clinet, La Conseillante, La croix de Gay, Gazin, Petit-village and La Pointe.


In a general way, these tastings of the right bank  wines seem to confirm that, on that side of the river Garonne at least, 2015 will be a great vintage. As far as the left bank is concerned, it will be necessary to be more selective. Even if, in a general way, the Pessac-Léognan appellation stands out.