Château Ripeau, the rising star

Discover the story of this amazing property, a sleeping beauty that gently emerges of its sleep …

_DSC0848 (2)The strength of destiny

The estate is linked to two brothers, Cyrille and Nicolas Grégoire, who are the unfortunate heirs of James Grégoire, owner of Château La Rivière, who died suddenly in a helicopter accident in 2014. In order to honor the wish of their father to own one day a Grand Cru Classé, they buy the Château Ripeau in 2015. Located in the Saint-Emilion appellation, the vineyard of a single tenant extends over more than 16 hectares. The Château has a magnificent terroir, classified in Saint-Emilion since 1954, including the famous blue clays, treasure of Pétrus, pretty neighbor. Passionate about the vineyard, the brothers Gregoire decided to give a new impetus to the property. In the vineyard so as in the cellar, they work to awake and sublimate the extraordinary potential of this terroir. The blacksmith, the emblem of the property since 2015, stands out as the symbol of daring and tenacity, which shaped the Grégoire family and forged their destiny.


The awakening of the Castle_DSC0833

The metamorphosis of the Château Ripeau includes an ambitious project of a complete renovation of the buildings and the modernization of the tools of work: the objective of the young owners is to put the high technology at the service of the wine in a total respect of the environment and the soil class. At the same time, the Château wants to create spaces for living and working, to receive and share. Key point of the architectural project: renovate from A to Z the existing Square Tower. Cyrille and Nicolas Grégoire chose to promote this unique building in Saint-Emilion and use it as a tasting place. The panoramic view enables to enjoy the prestigious positioning of Château Ripeau, in the heart of the largest estates of the appellation.


_DSC0814Zero point: a revolution in motion

The Grégoire family has set up in place a new alternative on all of his vineyard. In 2017, the technical itinerary for treatments has been developed without herbicide, insecticide, fungicide or copper metal to fight against vine diseases. It is the rule of zero that prevails. A strong approach for modern viticulture, respectful of people and the environment. This bold and innovative choice says a lot about the ambitions of the owners and promises great vintages …



The enthusiastic wish of the Grégoire brothers: “Making Château Ripeau a great wine is ultimately only doing justice to this exceptional terroir worthy of the greatest. We cannot wait to build a new showcase in Ripeau. Haste to make him live his metamorphosis. Looking forward to extracting from his magnificent promise soil.” The perfect definition of a Rising Star according to U’Wine.