FLASH-INFO: The stars of California in U’Wine’s 1%!

U’Wine integrated 2 Napa Valley icons in its circle of allocation: Screaming Eagle and Harlan Estate!

A real California’s jewel Screaming Eagle owes its success to extraordinary grades assigned by legendary wine expert Robert Parker. With a 100/100 for the 1997 and 2007 vintages, Screaming Eagle is part of the best wines in the world.

Its neighbor Harlan Estate is also a Napa Valley icon! Founded in 1984 this domain with powerful wine is also a member of the great wine closed circle. Produced with Bordeaux traditional grapes varieties like cabernet, merlot and petit verdot, this wine joined the U’Wine’s 1%.

As you can see U’Wine keeps on seeking the most beautiful terroirs to complete the 1% list. To be continued…