Forbes puts U’Wine in the spotlight

In its article from May 7th, journalist Tom Allen, a true wine lover, details U’Wine story, the Grands Crus cellar concept and Thomas Hébrard’s vision. 

Forbes redraw in 2 pages the progression that drove Thomas Thomas Hébrard to launch U’Wine in 2010, each stage he overcame (registration to the French Market Authority for the mandate offer, Bordeaux installation and team creation) and new projects of the company. With Grands Crus annuity for life, high-range services associated with a luxury experience, U’Wine intends to offer a new model in the wine universe.

The enlargement to other wine regions and to the New World will enable to discover new Grands Crus and help U’Wine ambition: offering Customers to become owner of the very best 1% of the greatest terroirs on earth.

U’Wine thanks warmly Tom Mullen for having beautifully describe U’Wine story and concept.

The whole article sis available here.