Launch of the BMW 7 series

On the 22nd of October, U’Wine was partner of the Aix-en-Provence based company, BMW Bayern,  organizer of the presentation evening of the new BMW 7 series hosted by the Centre d’Art Caumont.

2015-10-22 19.45.25

2015-10-22 19.06.16


BMW Bayern, based in Aix-En-Provence, had chosen the prestigious Centre d’art Caumont and its magnificent building to host the event that most car amateurs were eager to attend, the presentation evening of the new BMW 7 series.



This presentation evening was the perfect occasion for U’Wine to introduce some of the most prestigious Bordeaux Grands Crus they offer in their U’Winevest portfolio. During the evening, on top of discovering one of the new BMW masterpieces, guests were given the opportunities to taste, with moderation of course, some incredible wines coming from the most famous Bordeaux Châteaux, such as Gruaud-Larose, Clos-Fourtet, Phélan-Ségur and the mythical Château Cheval Blanc.

A very pleasant evening that gathered for a few hours some of the most eloquent examples of fine art : The Centre d’art Caumont breath-taking building, the Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés and, of course, the star of the evening, the BMW 7 series.

2015-10-22 19.45.10