One-on-One with Matthieu Bordes,
General Manager of Château Lagrange

Managing the 2nd biggest Medoc Cru Classé, Matthieu Bordes is talking about his vision about the wine, the Grands Crus and the future of Château Lagrange.

vue château Printemps-BDHow could you define a Grand Cru?

A Grand Cru is characterized by its singularity, its uniqueness and history. It must represent and respect the terroir where it is born. In my opinion it is a model of elegance, finesse and timelessness that has the responsibility to reach excellence and inspired dream to the worldwide wine lovers.

 How do you see the Bordeaux Grands Crus in 10 years?

 From a technical point of view, the Bordeaux wines are on the leading edge for 20 years. The wine quality of the produced wine is unique in the world. There are no more standard vintages, we can even see serie of exceptional vintages for ten years. We can be euphoric, but we also should look at the future and especially the vineyard management facing the climate warming. We have a lot of Cabernet Sauvignon, and the Petit Verdot in Lagrange which takes a larger part in our wine composition for dry and warm vintages, but what about the Merlots where the degrees go regularly up to 15%.

We have to anticipate the changes in the vineyard reorganization for sustainable terroir and wines. We need to keep the elegance and freshness that have make Bordeaux reputation and enable our bottles to go through the years.

The environmental question that has been hold by the Suntory group for 35 years will be the major stake in the next few years. The Grands Crus should be an example in this area. Lagrange was the first Château in Bordeaux in 2005 to get a Carbone balance, we have the High Environmental Value 3 certification, the highest level, and also ISO 14001. We are also leading biodynamic tests for more than 10 years, the minimization of the ecologic print is a daily concern and it will speed up in the future.

The Grands Crus open the doors to the worldwide visitors, travel to meet the wine lover all around the world. This need of proximity, of sharing, transparency and open mind will also scale up.

What is your vision for Château Lagrange, your ambition?

ZP-2016-IMG_7922-BDThe guidelines have not changed, the familial group should have been visionary in the beginning of 1980’s. We keep on encouraging above all our wine quality, their identity, the terroir: it is our priority on the 142ha of the estate.

We are just passing on the time scale of a Cru like Lagrange which is 400 years old. It is our duty to ensure its future and to transmit this heritage by being the most respectful of the terroir, the wines and the environment. We are building a 4th winery that will be covered by photovoltaic panels which will enable to auto produce 15% of our electric consumption. We are working on reducing the inputs and our water and fossil energy consumption… The reducing of the ecological print will stay undoubtedly one of our priority. Wines are incredibly qualitative, pure, precise and distinguished. We work in that direction to offer wines with a wider tasting window. The grapes maturity we get, thanks to investments and high technicity of the wine, enables to optimize the quality potential and get wines sooner drinkable without losing the ageing capacity. Our wines are distributed in more than 65 countries, we would like to offer a lot of enjoyment to our customers when they drink our wines and a unique experience when they come to visit us.

The excellence, the know-how, the notoriety and the strength of the brand in the world go through quality requirement, image and integrity ant volumes that we can produce to enable a unique outreach and visibility. We own all of these qualities that will enable us to move Lagrange even higher and become the Bordeaux must-have.FG-2015-BD-IMGP9275