To invest in wine, U’Wine goes airborne

Private Air luxury magazine has recently published an article about U’Wine and its unique Fine wine investment business model.

Before discovering the article dedicated to U’Wine in the magazine Private Air, we would like to draw your attention on the following : U’Wine would like to outline that unlike stated in the article, U’Wine is not approved by the AMF. Only U’Winevest, U’Wine fine wine investment offer, is registered (not approved) by the AMF.

To read the full article dedicated to U’Wine in Private Air magazine, simply click on the following link U’Wine in Private Air

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(c) Phélan Ségur













The present document is promotional. The information it contains was drawn from reliable sources. U’Wine cannot however insure its accuracy and exhaustiveness. Any forecast or expressed opinion is considered as appropriate by U’Wine at the time of publishing and may change without further notice. It is the investors’ responsibility to make sure that he can or is authorized to invest in our U’Winevest offer. The investor has to proceed, before investing, to its own financial analysis and/or speak to its financial advisor. U’Wine cannot be held responsible for any financial consequences that my result from investing in U’Winevest. The U’Winevest information note and subscription information is available upon simple request. Drinking alcohol can damage your health, drink in moderation.