Château Lagrange

Château Lagrange


位于圣朱利安的拉格朗日城堡自1855年以来一直是Troisième Grand Cru Classé(顶级列级名庄)。它是梅多克大城堡的代表,它是波尔多最大的Cru Classé(列级)酒庄,拥有118公顷的葡萄园。直到1983年,日本饮料集团三得利从Cendoya家族购买了庄园,不同的所有者才相继成功。三得利能够进行必要的投资,以壮观的方式翻新庄园。事实上,葡萄园和技术设施(地窖和发酵室)都进行了大量工作。今天的努力仍在继续,生产方法正在向更加尊重环境的方向发展。

每年,拉格朗日酒庄生产出一种强大而优雅的长期保存的葡萄酒。它的一致性和平衡性被认可。赤霞珠(67%)主导混合,由梅洛(28%)和小维铎(5%)补充。拉格朗日酒庄也是梅多克少数几个生产高质量白葡萄酒的酒庄之一:Les Arums de Lagrange

What they appreciate in U'Wine

U’Wine is a company that was created 5 years ago. I was approached very recently and I must confess that the project is relatively attractive given the approach of this company. They buy wines En primeur and they do a real and serious merchant work. The wines are held and stored to then offer to individual customers rare and luxurious formats such as Magnum, Double Magnum, and Jeroboam, etc. packed in luxurious small wooden crates. This offer is hand-stitched, made-to- measure. The approach here is quite interesting and sometimes differs from most merchants with whom we can work.

Matthieu Bordes, General Manager